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The town of Tryavna is situated in the middle of the Balkan Mountain and is famous for a great variety of sights.

            Domino Complex was opened in 2006, in the very heart of the beautiful town of Tryavna and combines Renaissance architecture with modern and elegant atmosphere. 



     Pizza Domino is distinguished for its tangible individuality, refined interior and uncompromisingly high quality of products and service, which delight connoisseurs of tasty Italian, European and Bulgarian dishes.

    With us you can relish classic Italian pizzas baked fresh in oven, a variety of pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, and other beef, chicken and pork special dishes, prepared by the skillful hands of our chef.   Apart from the delicious food, we can offer fine brands of alcohol, as well as different kinds of white and red wines from the leading wineries in the country.



   The most pretentious taste could be satisfied in the Domino Café, in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy some of the numerous soft and strong drinks, cocktails, and ice-cream fantasies we offer.

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